4 Tips To Capture Those Special Wedding Moments!

A wedding is one of the most important events in a couple's life. Storing its memories in the form of photographs is right on the top of the list of plans for the wedding. Wedding photography is something that has evolved into a few categories over the years. You need to understand and give a name to what you want from your photography.

1. Choosing the right guy for the job
When you see an image of a wedding album that you love, ask your self why you liked it. Portrait photographers tend to make people pose before they shoot, and will often bring in lighting with them. You would get good poses, and no awkward moments. It is always better to work with a professional rather than with a friend who is a photo enthusiast, so it is a bad idea to try and save money on the photographer. Of late, it has become popular to use a photojournalist for the job. Photojournalists never pose people and tend to shoot candid images which are a true representation of the mood that was ambient at the wedding. This is currently the hot favorite with couples getting married.

2. The Right Gear
A wedding photographer would typically get a digital SLR camera or else a medium format squarish camera for the job. He may bring a few lights which would need to be set up before the ceremonies begin. There are still some photographers who prefer to use film. This is more or less his business, and it is not good to try and control what the photographers use. But here is a tip - professionals generally do not use compact cameras other than for scouting purposes. If you feel that the photographer does not have adequate equipment, there is no harm in discussing this with the person.

3. The Black and White Option
Black and White has suddenly re-emerged as a favorite medium for wedding photography. It is normally the photographer who decides which images would be printed in black and white and which in color, but you can definitely request a few particular ones in monotone. Usually the professionals of today prefer to shoot everything in digital color, and later change selected images to black and white.

4. Personality
The personality of any photographer is reflected in his or her work. Do hold an informal interview with the photographer - you do not want a person who seems antisocial and reserved. You would want an outgoing person with a pleasing personality for your wedding photography. On the other hand, you wouldn't want someone who is interfering and self centered as well. Some photographers insist on ruining the best moments by interfering with ceremonies and speeches. So try and get the person with the right personality, which would be a balance of both extremes mentioned here.